WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The eCig Store

Proudly South African

We place a heavy focus on stocking local vape products. This local is lekka focus has led us to find suppliers who bring their unique twists to your average vape. Discover your new favourites through us and support your local suppliers.

Our store is continuously updated to provide you with all the latest trends both locally and internationally. The struggle to keep your setup maintained ends with us.

The eCig Store

Keeping up with the times

The eCig Store

Changing your lifestyle

The eCig store was founded in 2014, operating as a grass roots, family owned store with a pivotal mission to change your lifestyle from smoking the "stinkies" to vaping.

Our Story

Welcome to your very own exclusive proudly South African vape store. The eCig store is a leading member of the vaping fraternity since our inception in 2014.

The eCig store has progressed over the years, consistently dedicating our efforts to provide you with excellent service and the latest authentic vaping Gear. All e-liquids, hardware and accessories are sourced from local and international legitimate manufacturers and distributors thereof. We have always felt that connecting with our clients is key to understanding their unique vaping needs. In saying this, we are members of many prominent social platforms, such as I Am Vape Africa, Ecigssa, Vape Nation - to mention a few. We have also successfully partaken in all The VapeExpos, networking and providing our expert service delivery on a national scale.

Most importantly, we have endeavoured to become a member of the Vapours Product Association of South Africa. This course is fighting for the fair and just regulations for vaping within our country. We understand the challenges facing smokers today and strongly believe in educating the public on the harm reduction of vaping as apposed to smoking in our country. The eCig store has a friendly experienced service team both in the Lenasia branch and Ormonde branch, offering you the expertise and personal touch for the starter vapers, the intermediate vapers, and the professional advanced vapers needs.

A heartfelt thank you from the eCig store for your continued support and we hope to have an awesome vaping journey with you.

Important Notes
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  • Instore loyalty programs and gift cards available.
  • All Instore collection options can be collected via the Ormonde branch or the Lenasia branch upon communication. Please see below for details about each branch.

Catch us at our stores.

The eCig Store


Store 5 Signet Terace Shopping Centre
82 Gemsbok St & Guinea Fowl St
Manager : Nabeel Lorgat - 084 755 7860
Owner : Zunaid Moosa - 071 973 2446
Monday - Thursday : 9:00-20:30
Friday - Saturday : 9:00-21:00
Sunday : 14:00-18:00
The eCig Store


11 Crownwood Road, Evans Park
Johannesburg South
Manager : Hamza Patel - 084 770 0575
Monday - Thursday : 9:00-19:00
Friday: 9:00-19:00 closed between 12:00-14:00
Saturday : 9:00-19:00
Sunday - Closed

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